Millos Kaiser

SP - Artista

Over the past decade, Millos Kaiser has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting selectors out there. His drive to unearth and celebrate the incredibly rich and diverse music of his native Brazil is at the heart of everything he does. In European festivals like Dekmantel and Nuits Sonores, he turns the dance floors upside down with his unknown tropical gems, with Brazilian vibes in full technicolor.
Millos’ sets are notorious for traversing through Brazilian street soul to obscure Bahian oddities and eighties synth workouts, often weaving in his own edits along the way. His “Onda de Amor” compilation, released on Soundway last year, shed a light on the country’s late eighties electronic scene that had been largely - and inexcusably - overlooked, earning him praise from countless DJs and record collectors.
Rather than adhering to specific genres, he follows his own style and mood, “never too polished, always melodic, sometimes tropical and sometimes dark”, in his own definition. Born in Niterói, after moving to São Paulo he joined forces with fellow DJ Trepanado, creating the DJ duo Selvagem and hosting parties of the same name.
A few years later the two DJs also launched the Selva Discos label, re-releasing several tracks that had gained legendary status in their iconic sets. Since early 2019, however, the duo finished the partnership.
Meanwhile Millos’ unique vision has continued to become bolder and more colourful. Now focused on his solo career, you can catch him playing his rare finds at Caracol, the new audiophile bar he co-owns in São Paulo, and at parties and festivals both at home and abroad.


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