Aceleradora LabSonica aims to renew the artists' look towards the market

Production, training and promotion: these are the three key words said by Luciana Adão, Oi Futuro's coordinator of incentivated culture sponsorships, when talking about Aceleradora Oi Labsonica. Presented at SIM 2019, the new initiative of Oi's innovation and creativity institute counts with the partnership of Toca do Bandido and will select 6 new artists in career development to participate.

Alongside LabSonica's studio and ASA - Arte Sônica Amplificada (Amplified Sonic Art, in free translation), the accelerator is part of Oi Futuro's projects on incentive of artists' qualification, preparing them for the market and boosting experimentations and network operations. Luciana told SIM São Paulo a little bit more about its new endeavor.

"Presenting Aceleradora LabSonica at SIM was fundamental to establish a direct connection with the final public of the project – artists from all around the crountry, besides importante players and potential partners of the music market and industry", comments Luciana about the project's presentation at the seventh edition of SIM São Paulo.

"The process consists in: opening a notice for artists selection, being four of Rio de Janeiro's state and two from other states of the country; training in entrepreneurship for the music market; production of two singles and a live video; artistic direction and production of other correlated products; released of products by the label Toca Discos; digital marketing digital and promotion; pitching with music industry mentors; a mini-festival presenting the artists to the public, at the city of Rio de Janeiro", she explains about how the acceletor will work.

The idea is to expand the chosen artists' horizon, helping them to think about new models of funding to make their art viable. "We hope, with the acceleration, to instrumentalize these artists about the aspect that their work and career assume, like a real musical entrepreneurship", she comments.

Besides the team of Oi LabSonica, coordinated by Yuri Chamusca, the project counts with the participation of partners and directors of the label Toca Discos and the Estúdio Toca do Bandido, Constança Scofield, on the image and content production and artistic direction, and Felipe Rodarte, on the music production and career direction. Summing up to them are Fabio Silveira, of Fast Forward podcast, and Marina Amano, of Listo Music, on digital marketing and Iuri Freiberger, of Gramo Design Estratégico, responsible of training and project management. "By realizing together and in partnerships we build new networks, increase the final audience and create new methodologies and tools for developing the music market”, closes Luciana. 

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