Edgar: “Music's place is in the midst of people”

By Izabela Delfiol


SIM São Paulo encourages meetings: professionals from all areas of the music market attend the convention and expand their horizons and connections. The series Humans of SIM brings stories of people who leverage the best of SIM. This week's episode is about rapper and songwriter Edgar.

Known for his sound full of synthesizers, acid rhymes and unique aesthetics, which gains even more interesting proportions when brought to live performances, Edgar began making music at the age of 16. Born in Guarulhos (SP), the artist tells that he took part in freestyle and MC battles in the downtown, besides dance and percussion workshops. In 2012, he released his first work, Estrela Morta. The other three albums came later and Ultrassom (2018), produced by Pupillo (Nação Zumbi), is the most recent of them. 

Edgar has made himself known mainly for his ability to absorb references (sound, literary and visual) coming from completely different places and condense them in his art. The language of the internet (the memes, virals, etc.) are also very present in the psychedelic work of the rapper, who brought all this to life in an unprecedented way in his YouTube live: "I like to observe what is being done and point in another direction, my live represents that. The process came from the live + interview proposal of the project Bolando Música, from ABC Paulista (region of the state of São Paulo). The artistic direction of the performance was totally thought of the productions I ended up making during this period of quarantine, a nostalgia for MTV's programs with acid and critical humor about the precariousness of making art in Brazil", he comments. 

His passage through SIM São Paulo in 2018 was a small hurricane. Besides performing in the daytime showcases, he also took, along with Luedji Luna, the New Talent award of the year. In his words, the opening to the international market that happens at SIM was a motivating experience: "An opening to the international market not only as product extraction but also as a consumer. The importance of attending events like these is the expansion in a catalog of artists and technologies from the music world closer to you".

In his most recent song, "Carro de Boy," featuring Rico Dalasam, Edgar sings about racism and class privilege with irreverence, making humor and music good allies when talking about something that takes lives in communities across Brazil. For him, this is one of the roles of music. The place of music in the fight against oppression is in the speakers with the maximum volume, it's the soundtrack to give energy to the rallies, the riots or in confrontations with the police. It's the amplification of news journalism, the place of music is in the midst of the people," he says.

About the challenges of the present moment, Edgar sends a precise imprint: "The impression that remains is that we live a big bad science fiction film, in which two protagonists are mixed: Covid-19 and fascism. What I expect from the future is that it does not repeat the past". 

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