Launched this week during one of the SIM São Paulo meetups, the discussion forum (A)Gentes da Música unites professionals who work in the management and management of musical careers throughout Brazil. “SIM is the main event in the music market in Latin America, so for us, in fact, it was excellent to launch during SIM São Paulo because we can already talk to the whole market, position ourselves for the market collective in a more broad, so we just thank SIM São Paulo for the space and now the agencies will all continue to occupy the rest of SIM’s programming. Even holding another meeting in partnership with MMF Latam and Abrafin on November 18, bringing together Latin American agencies and festivals, ”says Ricardo Rodrigues, one of the forum’s creators.

The proposal that emerged organically from a WhatsApp group that brought together agencies from all over the country to exchange information, dissemination, contacts of suppliers. Ricardo Rodrigues was part of these conversations and explains the moment when they realized the need to focus on something more specific: “We didn’t have a joint practical action yet, we didn’t have a representation and such, so we already discussed this and thought: let’s create a space here more focused on this discussion. We created another group and started to discuss what united us, what were our strongest characteristics and what were our strongest concerns that we should position ourselves to defend. And that was when the midstream agenda emerged as something that unites us, a term that is not even used so much, a somewhat recent term, but that says a lot of what is of our concern and what unites us, which is the idea of ​​having a professional band in the market that is sustainable, of people who are able to dedicate themselves exclusively to music, from professionalization without being directly involved or responding to the great agents of music or the mainstream market ”. He says.

(A)Gente Cultural came up with a view to union, exchange and sum to build a broad front to fight for the development of the Brazilian music market from the perspective of this sector. The idea is to ensure that more people can live off music.

“And for that, professionalization is important, networking is important and this legacy that we have built especially in the last 15 years of music considered as independent, music not linked to large conglomerates, which has grown stronger, we are afraid, right? the impact of this crisis being so strong and making us lose a lot of what we have achieved in these 15 years. So the idea is to come together to make sure that doesn’t happen, right in the idea of ​​helping each other, creating an exchange of experiences and positioning ourselves in front of the market in order to be strong and we can move forward, so it is a very big concern in that sense ”, explains Ricardo.

The forum comes at a time when agents will have a difficult task, that of structuring themselves collectively and in solidarity in the face of the new reality of the post-pandemic music market.

“The collective is very diverse, there are people who have been working in the music market for many years and people are starting now. So there is a part of the collective that tries to level the training, guarantee access to information, access to training opportunities and equal content for everyone, so that we can work together and at the same time also have a good part of the more experienced people who wants to ensure that this representation is strong so that they can also fight, fight and defend artists and projects against other networks. It also has a very strong objective of representation, ”concludes Ricardo.


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