Born in the first year of the 21st century, Sofia Tremel grew up in the bohemian neighborhood of Vila Madalena, in São Paulo, at the home of her maternal grandparents (a Beatles fan and a Rolling Stones fan). With well-defined goals, the graphic design student has music as the central point of her choices. “I was raised by the two of them and by my mother Carolina, probably the most fucking woman in the world. Nowadays she is the director of a multinational within the pharmaceutical industry, mother of three girls and DJ! DJ dude, my mom is a DJ! ”. Next to her father, Sofia went to the first festival, Lolapalooza, at the age of 13. “He’s the kind of guy that has been to every show in the world, from every possible band. Nowadays I think that we secretly compete to go to shows where the other has not yet been… ”, she says. Her stepfather, Fábio, a fan of Ska, Hardcore and Reggae (also Sofia’s favorite genres), also has a great influence on his education. “He taught me how to do stagedive, the best feeling in the world. Besides, he took me to school every day and we would listen to Love Will Tear Us Apart, from Joy Division, it was really cool ”, he has fun. Adolescence was the stage of important discoveries: “I would go to school listening to music, and would run back home to listen to more music. It was at this time that I started researching the bands I liked, looking for interviews, behind the scenes facts, listening to music on the B sides ”.

Sofia often says that music saved her life: “I think that without it, I wouldn’t have a clue about a third of the things I have. She taught me about me, about others, about loving, being angry, caring. All of my feelings can be defined by one track or the other, all, ”she says. “My relationship with music showed me that I wanted to be able to change the world using culture, but if I did I want to change the world with music”.

It was with this thought that, in 2017, he started his professional career. “One day I saw that Boogarins was going to perform at Casa do Mancha, a concert venue that I didn’t know, but that was literally (I counted) two minutes walk from my house. So, in the middle of Wednesday, I picked up my things and went to the Casinha. This was also the first show I went to alone, one of the most enjoyable things to do in life too ”, she says.

Impressed by the show and the place, Sofia encouraged herself to send an e-mail there the next day. She introduced herself and got her first job interview and then the post of intern. “So it was like that, I started making posts for Casinha’s social networks, watching high shows and meeting incredible people. It was there that I got the nickname Soso, because of my too youthful email address to be treated like a professional. Casinha taught me that I could work with music, and taught me that my place was in communication. He introduced me to the reality of the life of those who work with music, and showed me that there were a lot of people like me, that music had saved their lives and everything. I would like to leave my thanks to Mancha, Liu, Katia Abreu and Arthur ”.

For two years, Sofia has been part of the SIM São Paulo team as a communications intern. “Since then, I’ve been around. Trying to solve the BOs in the best way I can, working with idols (but it doesn’t tell anyone, professional environment can’t be quiet, right?) And understanding that music is much bigger than I imagined, learning its importance and being able to share my passion with other people, thankfully. My biggest challenge today is to be able to accept who I am. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I do the things that I do, work with the people that I work with, that I have a minimum of voice and importance in something that I believe in so much. In addition, being a woman, young, working and studying is not so well regarded by everyone, but anyway, I think it’s cool, ”she says.

Among his plans for the future is the desire to continue studying and learning. And while the face-to-face shows she loves so much don’t come back, Sofia dreams big. “I plan festivals in my head and make their visual identity for college.

I’ve been listening a lot to what those who work with me say, I think that’s part of the job. I learn a lot at SIM, so much that I didn’t know and so much that I still have to learn, that’s one of the coolest parts of the job ”.

Basically, Sofia considers herself a communicologist under construction. “I truly believe that communication is in everything, language, regardless of form, is one of the most important things that exists. It can cause revolution, change the world. ” And it goes further: “My dream is to be a VJ of MTV, maybe one day I will join my people and make this thing happen again…”


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