Considered one of the most energetic bands in recent years, and one of the best live bands in the world, The Hives today begins a series of virtual shows in six cities around the world.

This tour has particular and unprecedented characteristics. Although some bands have already performed lives destined for regions of the planet, this is the first time that an artist plays for a city, in a presentation totally aimed at the local audience.

The first show takes place today, aimed at fans in Berlin, Germany. Tomorrow the show is destined for London, 23rd New York, 28th Sydney, Australia, and 29th the virtual show for São Paulo. THE The World’s First World Wide Web World Tour, as it is being called, will end with a show for Stockholm, capital of Sweden, the band’s native country. Although the shows are personalized, they can be seen from any corner of the planet.



Tickets are now on sale on this link, for around 17 dollars and, in addition to watching the show, the audience will be able to vote to choose the songs from the set list, send text messages that will be answered by the band and phone messages that can be played during the show. Another curious feature is that the band will use recording of the sound of audiences recorded in previous shows held in each of the cities.

The guitarist Nicholaus Arson, in a exclusive interview for SIM São Paulo, talked about the idea of the tour: “We really miss playing live, it is our main activity, and with this pandemic we cannot travel, do shows or tours, so we decided on this format, and we will try to recreate the atmosphere of the best shows possible way. We want something that allows us to feel the reaction of the audience, that we can say, Hello London, hello São Paulo ”

The full interview is available in audio for SIM Community subscribers. In addition to the shows, Nicholaus talks about the new album, the inclusion of São Paulo among the cities, the future of live music, and even about his Arsonette guitar, and the legend created about the existence of his manager Randy Fizsimmons.



Formed in 1994, with five studio albums and one live, the band achieved international success in the early 2000s with the release of the album Veni Vidi Vicious, which brought the hit Hate You Say I Told You So.

Since then the band has played all over the world, has always been very well received by critics and collects a series of awards that include some Grammis, (Swedish equivalent of the Grammy Awards), in the categories best album, artist and production, video clip and live performance , best artist at MTV Europe’s EMA’s, and best group in 2003 for the prestigious publication NME, which also elected The Hives as the best dressed band in the world.

The band recently released a live album on the prestigious Third Man Records, Jack White’s label, and are currently preparing songs for a new album, the first since 2012.


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