Founded almost eight decades ago, UBC, the Brazilian Union of Composers, is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting the interests of music copyright holders, income distribution and cultural development. Among the countless activities developed by the entity, the Impulso Project stood out, a musical acceleration initiative, open to all members who wanted to reach another level in their careers.

The project supervisor, Iuri Freiberger says that two years ago he met Elisa Eisenlohr, who at the time worked at UBC as a manager, in a workshop on the future of the music ecosystem. In December of that year they met again at SIM Sâo Paulo, and there he was invited to help in the creation of a career acceleration project, which became the Impulso Project, aiming to help members achieve their goals, improve their career management. and better understand aspects related to artistic creation, marketing / communication in networks, sponsorships and partnerships with brands, organization of tasks, copyrights and other topics.

“Projeto Impulso came at a very watershed moment for me, I was about to start the process of launching my album FERRO, and the union with UBC and with all the mentors only increased the work more. I managed to make the most of it, and create relationships with important people in the industry, ”says Romero Ferro, one of the selected artists, alongside the band Mulamba and Canto Cego to develop their projects over the course of a year.

During this period, artists received fundamental guidelines for the development of their careers; “We had a lot of mentoring that helped us a lot, because it clarified a lot of things, which we didn’t understand, we had doubts, The chats were really cool, until today they give us the greatest strength, they keep sending us news, that was the most incredible thing, networking, answering questions We benefited a lot, we closed contracts with Universal publisher, with distributor Altafonte, and for the first time we received an advance, it was money that saved us in quarantine. UBC gave us this impulse, it is important to have a company that recognizes these artists, that invests, apart from all the career management that they did with the selected bands. We talked to people we never imagined, it would be difficult to have these contacts, we wouldn’t be able to reach them so easily, and UBC made this bridge ”, says Naíra Debértolis, from the band Mulamba.

Last year UBC participated in SIM São Paulo, promoting a Coquetel de Networking in which the three bands performed, and had the opportunity to further expand their connections. “The show was incredible, we filled the audience of the hanging garden, and there the band was ready, matured, it was an incredible show”, says Naíra.

After this successful experience, UBC gathered in a digital publication the key points of the first edition of Projeto Impulso. the project concepts were brought together in a e-book, which can be downloaded for free at ubc.vc/ebook. The publication is a manual for any artist to follow the exclusive acceleration method created by UBC and supported by three pillars: training, mentoring and networking. Pills of knowledge in different areas given by Impulso’s mentors provide interesting insights and allow followers of the method to have a 360º understanding of their own career.

“It is a sensational tool for people to get close to the Impulso Project concept and the methodology used. The e-book brings an individual direction of organization so that artists and entrepreneurs in the field of music in careers, mainly composers, connected with UBC, can find a way to develop solutions that they do not yet have in their repertoire. This is the intention of the e-book, to present methodologies for solving problems within the music ecosystem ”, says Iuri, who adds:“ I think the e-book made this very clear by bringing the cases, showing how the artists worked, how they captured these concepts that the methodology brought, and the knowledge offered by the mentors with their expertise, relationships and networking to build solutions over time. We had a term of one year, and it is interesting to see in the e-book, the evolution of artists during this period. Not only in the collection, but in several other areas there, within the categories of the music ecosystem. I think that the e-book has this property, of helping to systematize a way of solving problems within the field of music, career, composition, promotion, distribution, launch, etc. ”.

“The Impulso Project quickly became one of the passwords of UBC’s identity and culture,” said Marcelo Castello Branco, executive director of the association, commenting on the project and the publication of the e-book. “We learned a lot from the chosen projects and the curatorship process, with mentors representing the market.”

The e-book can be downloaded for free here.


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