Vander Lins’ story has a lot to do with destiny. With an extensive curriculum, he currently holds the position of Events Coordinator at the Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development, Labor and Tourism, where he is responsible for the implementation and coordination of events on the city’s calendar, which include public initiatives or proprietary projects, in addition to support and sponsorship approvals. Vander also coordinates actions with public agencies and the budget of the Triângulo SP project, which aims to reactivate the historic center of the city, transforming the region into one of the main tourist destinations.

But the story begins when, as a young man, he ventured into journalism out of a desire to be a war reporter. “He really thought he was going to cover the great world war events, like the‘ courageous ’reporters he knew from television. I really enjoyed doing Journalism and ended up starting on television as a reporter for Canal Universitário, but then a problem started. I was practically a closed door in front of the camera, “he says. Trying to loosen up in front of the lens, Vander then decided to study performing arts and, despite achieving the expected result, this experience led him to another profession: “In theater, unlike TV, production was very chaotic and my experience of having everything organized, with adjusted times and movements made me start producing content for the performing arts. My career as a producer in the theater began ”.

After the end of the course, Vander went to work as a press officer at a very specific event, an auction of purebred Lusitanian horses, which once again enabled him to expand his activities: “The event had many problems in the organization, and I ended up being shifted to assist executive production. That was how my career as an event producer began, ”says Vander, who adds,“ my asset in production is that I managed to articulate communication and the arts very well, so I was always highlighted to produce the artistic of the events. Some events were repeated and I started to make recommendations for artists who dialogued with the values or perception that I wanted to give to the public at the events. So I started doing ‘small curatorships”.

During this period, Vander was called again to produce scenic content. “The actors I had worked with wanted the expertise that I added in production, with an understanding of the artistic. I started to produce pieces, performances and animation festivals, besides composing a production team of the great music festivals ”. Among the events he worked on are Lollapalooza, Planeta Terra, Nokia Trends, Tomorrowland Brasil, Brahma Valley among others.

With a few years’ experience working with events in the cultural area and partner of a live marketing agency, Vander worked in a fundraising process for a friend who worked at MIS (Museum of Image and Sound). She was also part of the team of André Sturm, director of the museum who at the time took over the Secretary of Culture of the City of São Paulo. That was when Vander was invited to work for the São Paulo City Hall. “She needed someone who knew how to plan and implement major events, and especially, who knew the universe of artistic languages and cultural diversity. And so the invitation was made ”.

At the Municipal Secretary of Culture, Vander took over the Supervision of Special Projects, which planned the Calendar of Events, the implantation of structures, content curation, support for events of the private initiative and / or partners, and the projects proposed via parliamentary amendment. “In 2019 I was invited by the Municipal Secretariat of Tourism (SMTUR), current Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development, Labor and Tourism (SMDET), as Coordinator of City Events, among other things, I manage the public budget dedicated to events, I evaluate sponsorship proposals, support for events, and coordinate the city’s strategic events, whether private or public calendar ”, he says.

In 2017, while an SMC employee, Vander was invited to follow the edition of SIM São Paulo and participated in the meetup – Find programmers of public spaces and events in São Paulo. “In the following years I followed the development of the platform and the language relevant to the event and the music business”, says Vander, who this week participates in the first activity of SIM São Paulo 2021, the Workshop Como Fica o Ao Vivo em 2021?, next to the event director, .

The theme of the workshop is very urgent, in view of the entire paralysis of the sector due to the pandemic and the adversities of the current Brazilian political scenario. When asked about working with culture, Vander replies: “In Tourism, our reading of culture is different from how the Municipal Secretary of Culture treats it. We understand culture as a set of broad values that can translate territories, citizens and time. We commonly look at events with intersectional bias, for example: fashion and technology, music and gastronomy, popular culture and philosophy etc. And we built the relationship with the City from these propositions and relationships ”. And he adds with wisdom: “In general, we have the pillars of what we can do, considering the restrictions, and we also migrate to digital. And we vary based on the health implications. If we were to monitor political variations, we wouldn’t even move ”.


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