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Puglia Sounds is a public agency created in 2010 by the regional government of Puglia, in the South of Italy, to boost Puglia’s musicians and music industry and help establish the region as a major player in the Italian and the international music scene. It is the first of its kind in Italy: a government-sponsored program focused on music projects, recognizing the important role that music plays in the economic growth and cultural life of its home region, and how important it is to connect Puglia with major national and international music markets.

Through systemic and targeted actions, strategic partnerships, and high-profile public events, Puglia Sounds supports musicians, music professionals, and entrepreneurs alike, as well as the companies and institutions involved in music production, distribution, and promotion.

Puglia Sounds achieves its goals primarily through public grants processes, awarding public funding that support worthy and effective projects. These processes are handled by various programs run by Puglia Sounds: Puglia Sounds EXPORT, Puglia Sounds LIVE, Puglia Sounds RECORD, and MEDIMEX, International Festival & Music Conference.

Puglia Sounds EXPORT is devoted to promoting internationally the music and the musicians from Puglia. Puglia Sounds has increased their presence around the world to an impressive degree, helping to produce more than 1.532 concerts in 89 countries across 5 continents, including internationally renowned and important music fairs, festivals, and conferences such as SXSW, SIM, Jazzahead!, Womex, Reeperbahn, Primavera Pro, Liverpool Sound City, and Mundial Montreal.

In 2020 Puglia Sounds launched Puglia Sounds Plus, a new line of intervention to support and relaunch the regional music sector during and after the health emergency, which provides for the publication of new calls aimed at encouraging and supporting artistic production, Italian tours, the musical programming on the regional territory and the creation of an Apulian circuit of new places dedicated to live music. With the first deadline, there are 108 new musical projects supported between new record productions, multimedia productions, tours in Italy and concerts in Puglia.

MEDIMEX, International Festival & Music Conference, is born under the sign of connectedness, internationalization, training and career counselling and guidance. Since 2011 the essential bridge between the Italian and the international music scene, MEDIMEX event features debates, showcases, and a variety of networking sessions for music professionals.

Founded as a Music Expo, in 2017 MEDIMEX made the choice of staging its local and international events in public spaces, during a vibrant music week taking place in the city center of Bari at the beginning of June. Medimex 2018 was staged in the most charming places of downtown Taranto and then in 2019 it moved to Foggia and Taranto enhancing the most evocative landmarks of these towns.

Following the global pandemic situation, Medimex, in 2020, renounced live events and inaugurated, the first in Italy, an entirely digital edition, from 3 to 18 June. Medimex D closed with almost 100 hours of streaming activity and 350,000 people reached on social networks. The first international digital music conference, promoted by Puglia Sounds, offered activities dedicated to training and music professionals with workshops, insights, webinars, focus on the international scene, music schools and a special Rock lesson.



Com: Kalàscima (Itália), JULIELLE (Itália), Stain (Itália), Le Scimmie sulla Luna (Itália) e BandAdriatica (Itália). 


nov 15


14:00 – 16:00



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